1100 Glendon Avenue, Ste. 1400, Los Angeles, CA 90024 l Office: (310) 500-3610 Cell: (310) 981-5127 l Email: fullforce@fullforcela.com

SERVICES (310) 981-5127 State and Federal Court Filings
Full Force provides filing services to all State and Federal courts throughout the country. Full Force team members are in constant communication with each other to insure real time notice when filings are accepted. Locally assigned drivers handle their own filings/returns and will update immediately with a status upon job completion.

Service of Process
Full Force serves locally and nationally. All drivers are registered process servers. Full Force is available for stakeouts. Proofs of service are prepared and delivered within 3-5 days. (Out of state 5-7 days.)

Court Research
Full Force offers case file copying in all State and Federal courts, county recorders, and law librairies.

Full Force offers small and large vehicles to accomodate any size job. Investigations Full Force investigators assist in providing skip tracing, asset searches, and locating the hard-to-find service individual or defunct company.

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